If you have heard of anabolic running before and wonder whether it is worth the money paid, check out the anabolic running review provided below and find out. If you are the person who has always dreamt to be slim, fit, and strong, this article is definitely for you. You will hadrly ever find a person who would not like to be healthy, strong, and in good physical shape. However, normally, to achieve all this it is crucial to put in great efforts, for example go to the gym regularly, do specific physical activities, and also have a special diet. A lot of men exert themselves in the gym, consume different supplements, but often such activity leads to some other health problems for them.

In this article, you will learn about the Anabolic Running program and the man who created it. Mainly, this program aims at men and helps them specifically to achieve and maintain the body weight they have always dreamt of. Moreover, you will find out that the Anabolic Running program is definitely worth the money it costs.

What Is Anabolic Running?

Anabolic Running is a training program that is aimed at men who want to become more physically fit and strong. The target customers of this program are men who do not have sufficient levels of testosterone and who have higher rates of low-growth hormone. The program was founded by Joe LoGalbo who specializes in helping men become better-built and have better muscle tonus.

There is hardly any guarantee that a person will be satisfied with the results if he/ she has been overworking in the gym or running for a long distance. Joe LoGalbo understands that perfectly like nobody else as he himself has run the marathons and exerted himself mercilessly. In the end, he did not like the results as the rates of testosterone and growth hormone dropped and his libido gradually decreased as well.

Anabolic running workout has been actually used for many years and people did not even imagine how beneficial it is. Tribal hunters who are our ancestors used the principles of anabolic running to kill prey by slowly wearing its energy and speed out. The secret principles of anabolic running 2.0 lies in the specific strategy of nasal breathing. Many people are sceptical about different breathing techniques but this anabolic running trick may actually give them advantage when it comes to the energy levels.

Anabolic Running Exercises: When Catabolic Cardio Is Definitely Not an Option

Long-distance jogging can lower testosterone levels

Each year, more and more men take part in different running events and marathons. Among the competition, among the other factors and benefits that men derive are also the improvement of their physical shape, maintaining weight balance, and improvement of the cardiovascular system. However, sometimes, such intense exercising can cause an imbalance in body functions. More so, they can reduce testosterone balance and sexual function. Nonetheless, often these malfunctions are rarely recognized as the aftermaths of intense exercising. In Anabolic Running pdf book, you can get in-depth information about aggravating side effects of high-intensity trainings, low-intensity steady-state cardio, and long-distance running.

If you wonder how to do anabolic running, be sure that this method will not make you weary but will feel intense. It is possible to practice it both inside and outside of home as well as in the gym. A great advantage of this program is that it can also be combined with other types of physical exercising, which will only maximize the results.

Who Is Joe LoGalbo?

Joe LoGalbo

Joe LoGalbo is a personal trainer from the USA who created the anabolic running 2.0 program. Over his professional history as a trainer, LoGalbo used to train a lot of clients as well as manage boot camps. With the help of anabolic running bodybuilding, LoGalbo helped his clients attain outstanding results. Before he established this program, LoGalbo used to run marathons and practice long-distance running. However, with time, he notced that this kind of running did not bring him the desired results of maintaining good physical shape and be strong and fit.

The truth is, when LoGalbo got involved in intensive running, he became feeling exhausted and weak. More so, apart from becoming fit and strong, he only became more skinny. Gradually, he started losing his libido and sex drive, and he then came to the point when he lost his wife as he was even diagnosed with low testosterone levels. After this occurence, his physician recommended LoGalbo to enroll on the testosterone replacement therapy. At that moment, it was really dreadful for him as he was in his 20`s. Instead of being on peak of his physical shape and good health, he was actually at the lowest points.

Nonetheless, despite all these health problems, LoGalbo did not give up – he devoted a lot of time for studying the principles of different types of running. He did a lot of investigation and it really paid him back. LoGalbo managed to find a type of running that enhances the grows of hormones by as many as 500 per cent. This was the anabolic running. From that moment on, LoGalbo became a certified trainer of anabolic running and he trains numerous athletes.

How You Will Benefit from Anabolic Running?

When you start the anabolic running training program, you will have to do sprint interval running of ten sprints with the duration of 45 seconds each and a three-minute break after each sprint. The program has its major component called the Main Program of Anabolic Running. Apart from it, LoGalbo provided three «anabolic running» extras that are appealing bonuses of the program. These are specifically:

  1. Hacker Handbook for Testosterone. In this handbook, you will find more than 40 hacks and tips how to increase testosterone levels in your body. A great thing about these strategies is that they will help you boost testosterone levels in a natural way without any chemical substances.
  2. Awe and Shock Strength. This is a program offering you a six-minute workout that you can do while staying in the comfort of your appartment. No equipment is needed – all exercies can be done with your own body weight, and thus you can build up muscles and increase their strength. Even though the workouts are relatively short, they are really intense.
  3. Anabolic Running for Indoors. If you are lazy to leave the comfort of your home and go somewhere outside for workout, this bonus program is perfect for you. Moreover, this program is designed for indoor workout, so if the weather conditions are favorable for running outside, you can enjoy this program without missing your training.

Be sure that this program is effective regardless of whether you prefer to work out at home or outside. A great asset of this program is that it has been approved by scientists, so it is safe when it comes to regulating men`s hormone levels and the level of testosterone. With the help of the program, men will not only be able to improve their physical shape but also better their hormones level.

Should you make up your mind and decide to purchase the Anabolic Running Program, be sure that you will be able to find many guidelines that wll be easy for you to understand. Specifically, you will get to know more information about natural methods of boosting testosterone levels, of succeeding in intense interval trainings, and you will learn a lot of other guidelines.

Apart from guidelines, you will be able to get videos with specifications and explanations how the program works. For example, you will be able to observe how to perform specific exercises in the proper way. If you are worried whether the program will prove to be beneficial for you, keep in mind that you are free to consult your doctor before purchasing it.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Anabolic Running Program


  • it increases testosterone levels in men`s bodies;
  • it increases one`s stamina and resilience;
  • it increases endurance of cardio-vascular system;
  • it strengthens lungs and improces blood flow;
  • it improves metabolism processes;
  • it helps develop muscular mass;
  • the program is overall credible and trustworthy as its founder is a renowned fitness trainer;
  • it provides ideas for short but intense cardio workouts;
  • it is affordable in price;
  • the program comes with a money reimbursement guarantee throughout 60 days after the program has been purchased.


  • the program is targeted at men only;
  • the program does not have a hard copy and is available only online, so you need to have constant and stable access to the Internet;
  • the program is not designed for men who are weak and who have health problems, specifically with cardiovascular system;
  • before enrolling on the program, it is recommended to consult a physician.

Is Anabolic Running Program Effective?

Surely, the program is effective as it is backed up by a scientific research. The program is advanced in that it has a holistoc effect on the body. Sprint exercises offered in the program take not more than 16 minutes per week. So, do not be afraid that the program will take all of your free time. The core aim of the program is to increase testosterone levels. So, you will soon be in good shape after trying the program out.

Anabolic Running results

The program is really accessible for all since running is one of the easiest types of sports that can help you be in good shape. Why? – Because you do not need to worry about any sports equipment or any specific place for practicing. Moreover, you can regulate the intensity of trainings depending on your well-being and health state. With the program, you will learn how to run properly and thus derive the best results.

With the program, you will also learn how to practice regularly and consistently. Besides, you will acquire self-discipline and willingness to fulfill the trainings successfully. So, with the program, you have a perfect chance to become a better version of yourself.

Many people willing to buy the Anabolic Running Program ask whether it is really credible or some scam program. The answer is definitely «no» – the program is in no way a scam as it was created by an experienced trainer and was proved to be effective by different researches. When using the program, you do not need to take any supplements or pills that may have some deteriorating effects on your body. Apart from physical shape, men will definitely improve their sexual performance.

If you are looking for an effective way to become stronger and lose weight, be sure that you should try the Anabolic Running Program. You will definitely improve your looks and physical shape and will never regret purchasing it. Check out the time-limited offer below.

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Leila Peterson is Australian nutritionist and blogger who likes healthy food, fitness and travelling. Her passion is in helping people to choose best trustworthy weight loss programs available online. Her honest reviews help readers find the pros and cons of today’s weight loss products.

Published by Leila Peterson

Leila Peterson is Australian nutritionist and blogger who likes healthy food, fitness and travelling. Her passion is in helping people to choose best trustworthy weight loss programs available online. Her honest reviews help readers find the pros and cons of today’s weight loss products.

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